Arrival of surprise pebble! =)

Excited to announce the arrival of my sofi surprise pebble!
An idea of mine is to use this as a transitional object to help stay calm and grounded.
I have attached the small sofi bag to my keys so will always be within reach.
I look forward to the next steps and arrival of my pod!
What is everyone else doing with theirs?

Would anyone know what I should be expecting in regards to which plant/fragrance?


Love this so much @OliSinceThe90s and thrilled to have you onboard! How handy it is to add the little sofi pouch to keys! :raised_hands: :blush:

Our functional fragrances are reserved for a handful of US-based Pioneers for now, but may be available to our wider community soon! For now, I can confirm that you’re on track to trial our upcoming plant for better sleep and calm - which we are very excited to announce will be a strongly concentrated chamomile!

To make sure your Pioneer Pack is reserved for the next study, refer to your pioneer journey map any time for next steps - and please reach out anytime should you have questions! x