Pebble in the post

*pebble arrived today in a little cotton Sofi bag. Not sure if it has any meaning or what

I’m supposed to do with it
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According to the app, it was sent to help confirm your address so that your pod/sprays can be sent out to you.


I’m so pleased that your sofi surprise has arrived to you @Trinity … as @Pippin rightly says this is all about ensuring that we can ship very expensive and limited series of sofi starter packs to you. To reserve yours we ask all pioneers to take a photo of this sofi pebble in the palm of the their hands and to upload that photo through the app. If you have any difficulty finding the place to do that you can also post it here … adding @alexwalkerjones so we can support you throughout. Importantly, welcome on board! :pray:

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The best part is that is has all or none of the meaning that you choose to give it - a little gift from us to you, that also serves a practical purpose of verifying your address. :blush: :love_letter:

That - and we aim to make a pretty cool photo collage at the end of each Program! PS let me know how you get on with submitting a photo via your sofi app, so your Pioneer Pack can be reserved!

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