Pod and capsule having a crazy moment

I’ve had two pumps, the pod is flashing green non stop, home screen says ‘insert new capsule’,

Yellow capsule is a third full.
Not sure what to do
@Kirill @alexwalkerjones
Any top tips please?


hi @PocketminxUK
It does flash green when it needs charging :slight_smile: please charge it for 90min or so and let us know if it helps!


Thankyou, I’ll pop it on charge. I was reading the S3 updates posted earlier by @alexwalkerjones

Its been mid to high 80°s also with symptoms listed regarding sprays recorded etc

Ill update later if recharging does not resolve


Update 19.00hrs

A few hours on charge and all is well. The earlier sprays didn’t register but the spray count left in capsule is reflecting the number i was expecting. Perhaps admin see the usage even when we don’t

Thank you


Thurs 15th 8pm

Pod still flashes blue even though fully charged. Sprays are counted.
Its mid 80° today so the heat could be affecting the pod?
All okay Ashwa’1 yellow seems to have a calming effect, red3 seemed to have a sleepy effect. I’m
Enjoying the process.


Are you sure it isn’t meant to show a blue light?
Mine always does when it is charged and i am about to spray.

I have read that when spraying it shows a green light but i have never seen that because then it is pointing into my mouth and i dont want to waste a spray just to see!! :smile:

Interesting that you find a slight difference between the effect of the sprays. As far as i know the Ashwagandha content is identical and the only difference is the added flavouring.

Mind you, i thought that pod 3 made me feel sleepier, unless that is because it was the first pod I used and i noticed i was yawning a lot within an hour, but i did wonder if cardamom had a sleepy effect as well and whether there was enough added to be noticeable.

So i googled it and it seens that it can induce sleep, e.g. if added to a bedtime drink.

So now i wonder if there is enough flavouring to increase the sleepy feeling of the Ashwagandha ? Probably not but i am curious :thinking:
@alexwalkerjones and @pamelaspence


Good question!

We purposely chose flavours that would not have an additive effect so there shouldn’t be a difference from the flavouring point of view.

I know that some places cite cardamom as helping with sleep but that makes no sense to me as a practising herbalist and when we looked at this I checked with other colleagues who agreed.

I think some of the information going around about it being good for sleep has more to do with it being a lovely, comforting flavour to add to a milky drink - but it is the warm milk (and all those tryptophans it contains) that are doing the work along with the comfort/ritual element.

Interesting though!



Thank you for your reply Pamela, i suspected it was more the milky drink effect with the cardamom.
I reckon i noticed the effect of pod 3 most (the first one i was directed to try) because i was soon yawning my head off, something i hadn’t been doing before trying to get to sleep for a long time!

I had to avoid taking my first dose of the evening last Saturday and Sunday because i went to a weekend party (camping in my van) and having been known in the past for being able to party all night, i didnt want to be a party pooper and miss it! :laughing:


Fri 16 June 11.56hr

Blue light - shows pod is ready to use (light does not switch off)
Green light - shows the spray has been counted
Continuos flashing green - apparently means ‘recharge’. Its currently charging up, 2nd time in 14 hours…

Its mid 80° again today, should i pop my pod in fridge??:crazy_face:


Hi @PocketminxUK,

Thanks so much for your troubleshooting here!

We are aware of a range of battery-related problems that may be causing either an extra, fewer (or both!), number of sprays to occur.

I’ll attach the full investigation overview here but the main takeaway is to charge the pod more frequently, to remove the capsule to save on battery life in a pinch - and, should all else fail the spray count still be very very wrong, we can send your pod to our electronics engineers for a firmware update that can hopefully improve the battery life and therefore spray count!

Please let us know if any of the above works, and worse case scenario, we’d be happy to arrange for collection of your pod to be upgraded at your convenience / between Programs if you prefer :pray: :blush:


Ahh okay, great , it was observational not complaining, obviously… I’ll do as you say, pod currently on charge, and see how it performs during the weekend.

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Of course! We are super grateful for you letting us know! :sofi_moon: :hibiscus:

Hope you have a lovely weekend! xx

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Thanks for linking report. I was scrolling for that earlier today :sunflower:

Really interesting thst you noticed a difference between pods.

Hope you enjoyed the party - as a previous van lover with a reputation for being last round the fire, I absolutely hear you on skipping your first sorays that night!!

(Also - what kind of van?! Mine was a '74 VDub called Florence. I still miss her!)



Hi @pamelaspence, mine"s a Bongo. It isnt properly converted with a kitchen area (I thought it not worth the expense on an old van) but that means i can have a bigger bed. Although not quite as convenient, it’s easy enough to use a camping gas stove and washing up bowl without having it built in unless it’s raining :minibus:


I love a Bongo! Does it have a name though? :blush:

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Errrr, not really. Sometimes Billabongo but thats a bit naff! Otherwise it’s just Van!