Battery Level Indicator

I think there should be a “battery percentage level” within the app. I like that the product is concealed nicely with the pod.

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Having owned the very first stick that first came out to pioneers and ran on the flat watch type batteries I am just incredibly positive and grateful for the fact that the latest pod has an internal battery that can be topped up at will using the ordinary current style phone charger! So much better than before and one of the most welcome of improvements!!!:heart:It!


Haha! Always important to look back and remember how far we’ve already come - thank you for the welcomed reminder! The good news is that we do also plan on implementing battery charge icon/tracker within the app as a way to get a heads up that your sofi pod may need a little extra juice.

I’m not sure how far we are away from the technology needed there but leave it with us - and hopefully soon one day! :battery: :green_heart:


Yes, I can confirm that batter indicator will be implemented in the next generation of the sofi pods :slight_smile: