Sofi stick received!

One Sofi stick arrived!!!
I’d forgotten all about this so an exciting suprise!!!

Charged (I think) sprays registered but no red light :woman_shrugging:t2:

Where does the light show?


Hi @slothymum,

So happy to hear that your pioneer pack arrived! Can’t wait to hear the discoveries you are about to make with this power plant.

The red light appears when charging and will switch off after approximately 60 minutes to let you know that your sofi pod is fully charged. Occasionally the red light may stay on for that first initial charge, but feel free to remove it after the 1 hour and go ahead and pair with your sofi app.

After that, the red light should get the memo, and come on when the pod is charging, but only before it reaches fully charged.

If you have any other questions or get stuck during set-up please reach out! :blush: :tulip: