Cheap Batteries for Pods

Hiya Pioneers,I just wanted to share i got quite the deal on Batteries for pods on Ebay UK,10 batteries for £4.Free postage.My batteries last about a week or so,sometimes more.With the new pods arrival and some getting your refills on S1,i thought id stock up and be ready.Hope this helps.I still cant believe i am a part of this with all of you fellow sleep hunters /zombies/nightowls/shiftworkers/insomniacs/vampires, for free!:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Well done All!!


My pod seems to be energy hungry too am lucky if I get 2 weeks too :blush:


We spotted an energy drain in the electronics of the sofi stick S1 build … so there is going to be a change in the S2 electronics build that will improve it for new pioneers though veteran pioneers of the S1 program need to soldier on with their first gen sofi stick and batteries for the S2 trial wirh passiflora.l (so worth Getting a few sofi batteries I advance and thx @jacquelinecannon1 for sharing)!

But know that this disposable battery issue will be entirely eliminated in S3 when sofi moves from batteries to rechargeable lithium cells with a USB C port and all pioneers will receive one of these new S3 sticks when we move to our third plant. At that point your S1 sticks may just become a collector’s item - the first ever build of sofi! Perhaps we will someday even frame them! :pray:


This is incredible, well done on all the proactive ,innovative steps!!:+1:


Yes agreed,i think the only way would be to make sure cloding all apps and take battery out when not using it,but im too lazy,for 20 p a battery ill leave it in🤣


Hi all, Ive just posted a new topic, “Hacks for S1” this will save you all hassle and :moneybag: regarding the batteries x