Blister in my mouth

When I first started using the spray I noticed a sore throat so sprayed nearer the front of my mouth but now have a blister behind my teeth. Is it possible that the spray may have caused this. Has anyone else noticed a sore throat or blisters???


Morning @Jenny snd lovely to hear from you. This isn’t something I’ve heard or seen before but adding our lovely @pamelaspence in case she has come across this in her practice in the use of Ashwa. How far are you in your current capsule Jenny? :pray:


Morning @Jenny,

Sorry to hear this. It isn’t something i have ever come across with ashwagandha before. However there are other ingredients in the spray that need to be considered too including the natural flavouring, the stevia used to sweeten and the preservative. It may just be that you don’t get on with something in there. Or it could be an unrelated coincidence of course.

Have you changed anything else recently in relation to oral care (toothpaste, mouthwash etc) or any changes to diet?

If not you could try stopping the spray for a few days and then starting again. Or you could try a different pod in case it is something to do with the flavouring?

It’s a bit of a conundrum. Some detective work is required!

Let us know how you get on.



Hi Pamela
Thanks for your reply.

I have many allergies and suffer from ezcema. Two of them being chamomile and many garden plants along with orange and yellow dye.
I was careful when I started the spray just using one a day and after a week it seemed ok. So increased it to 3 sprays a day. At this dose my sleep has improved, I’m sleeping very deeply and feel groggy in the morning!! However on increasing it I noticed my throat started to feel sore and swollen so sprayed to the front and that’s when the blister started. My throat still feels sore and swollen.
I am allergic to so many things and with the weather being so nice have been spending a lot of time in the garden so it could be unrelated.
It can take me up to 5 days to react to an allergen and around 2 weeks for the reaction to subside.
Yes you are right. I need to stop taking the spray but I will do so for two weeks and the reintroduce it gradually.
The pod tells me I have taken 51 of 70 sprays but I feels like I have taken more than that.
When I use a new skin product I do a usage test- putting a small amount on the inside of my elbow for two weeks and watch for a reaction. Do you think it is worth doing this with you spray???
Many thanks


Hello @Jenny ,

Ok so we know you have a lot of allergies and we know that something in the spray is a suspect but also being hot and sunny and outdoors it could be the very high pollen counts we’ve had or other allergens about at the moment.

Stopping the spray is a good idea, followed by reintroducing if you feel ok with that. You could also try another pod in case the same occurs to rule out the flavouring as the issue.

And yes, I think spraying some as you would test a new skincare product is a good idea. It won’t give a full picture but if it does react then you will know it is something in the spray - not something in the garden!

Hope that helps?

Pamela :herb:


Thanks Pamela, I try all that and let you know how it goes.


Hi I have stopped using the spray for a couple of weeks. The blisters in my mouth have gone. I haven’t journalled as I have been away and out of signal. The skin usage test was unclear. I think I will start using the spray again. Using one spray for a week and then increasing if I don’t have a reaction :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:.

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