Physical problems with Ashwaganda

After having started on my 2nd pod of Ashwaganda I’ve noticed that since I started with pod 1, I’ve had feelings of nausea, gastrointestinal problems and a headache on waking. Don’t know if anyone else has had similar problems but I’m going to persevere till the end of the 3rd pod and see if it clears up. It’s a shame because it seems to have given me consistent sleep .


Sorry to hear that Eevie, especially as it is helping you sleep. Those side affects are possible but from what i have read they are usually from high doses.

Perhaps you could reduce the sprays and see what happens, but i don’t know. Maybe @pamelaspence can help you with this? x


That’s brilliant will try that thanks :blush:


Hi Eevie,

Sorry to hear that. It’s not something i’ve come across before with ashwagandha but of course it doesn’t mean it’s not happening to you.

Trying to take less is a good idea. Why not cut down the number of sprays and see whether that makes a difference for you?

Let us know how you’re getting on!



Thanks for your help😊


Sometimes when starting ANY new medication be it Dr related and prescribed or natural remedies such as those provided by Sofi :clap: and even what on the face of it appear harmless still contain active ingredients that affect please in many different ways depending on body mass, age, gender the list goes on and on! I would always be open and honest with yourself and your GP in full before making alterations.
I know the is shorter than I would have liked but the topic is so large it would probably crash the site. I hope that with a more in depth article I wrote can assist as well. Good luck, with your progress :+1::crossed_fingers:


So kind of you to give those reminders.


I wake up and cannot stop yawning, eyes feel heavy too. Iv a shoulder injury so that’s no helping with my sleep.

Hope your symptoms improve


Thanks for your empathy, I’ll try and have just 2 sprays after my evening meal and see how I go with that. It’s great being a part of such an understanding and concerned group, have a great day😸


Hi @Eevie, are you feeling any better?

Today i have had stomach pains and an upset system (TMI to describe!) plus nausea.
Im hoping that its perhaps a bug and not the Ashwagandha because that is helping my sleep a lot and apart from today i have felt better in the daytime too.

I suppose i should ask my doctor but in this town when i try to make an appointment, first its the Spanish inquisition as they prefer you not to see the GP face to face, then i am given one 4 weeks ahead when i usually reply that I’ll either be better or dead by then!

I have little confidence anyway that the GPs in my local practice know anything about herbal alternatives except for what they Google. I hardly ever go to the docs and used to tell my old GP (now retired) what was wrong with me! He did make me laugh though, so a sort of medicine!

But i suppose i should go and see a doc. There are so many herbs or alternatives that i know help with my arthritis like Tumeric and CBD but i am on blood thinners after pulmonary embolisms following long Covid. These useful herbs (and many others, including possibly Ashwagandha) are not meant to be taken with blood thinners. Frustrating!

Even herbs and spices that we commonly eat like garlic, ginger, cinnamon, curry powder and loads more are considered to act as anticoagulants but i reckon the amount i might eat rather than concentrated in supplements is probably OK. I expect @pamelaspence will know this.

And who knows about other foods, herbs etc. At this rate i will have to learn to photosynthesize :laughing:

Anyway i think i might reduce the number of sprays tonight and see if the dodgy tum goes away :pray:

Hope you are feeling better :kissing_heart:


And I might add (yes i know, i do go on … must pick up my social life!!) poor sleep for years doesnt do us any good healthwise either and may increase chances of developing dementia.

Oh joy! So what to do? I reckon better sleep will help a lot and i have to go on the ‘Everything in Moderation’ approach.

Plus maybe ‘a little of what you fancy does you good’ … now where are my favourite Border plain choc ginger biccies? :yum:


Thanks so much for asking, I actually do feel better. I only had 2 sprays last night and 2 tonight after my meal. I hope the reduced amount helps me to sleep though. I’m so sorry you’re not feeling great, a few of my friends struggle with the effects of long covid, so I can imagine how frustrated you feel. Hope you feel a little better tomorrow. :bouquet:


Glad that you feel a bit better today.
Yeah long covid and the lung clots were a pain but it is what it is (or was) and I’m still here so that’s good!


I would not wish dementia on anyone as my nan suffered from it badly.
The only upside was that she completely forgot she smoked so a rather extreme way of giving up!
Only joking but maybe you will forget you can’t sleep!!!