Started pod #2

I started the 2nd pod today of the S3 Ashwagandha today. I think I was hoping it would taste better than the 1st one but to my horror it was more bitter.
I tolerated the 1st pod so I will plod on and tolerate number 2.
Even tho they taste awful, they have really helped with my sleep. However my dreams are more vivid and sometimes disturbing .
If feeling anxious, can I use the pod during the day?


Hi angela, good to hear that Ashwa has helped with your sleep.
I found it helpful too. Valerian knocks some people out but doesnt seem to help me. We are all different!

I believe that pod 2 is the taste of the concentrated herb (nude -no added flavouring). Not great i know but i just nibble or drink something nice afterwards to kill the taste.

I have read in here that you can spray one lot of the 3 sprays in the day if you feel anxious, and some people have done that. I think it is entirely up to you when you use them but if sleep is needed one set of sprays before bed is a good idea.

If you need confirmation from the team, i am tagging @alexwalkerjones to make sure that they spot your question :slightly_smiling_face: