Getting started with Ashwaganda

My pioneer pack arrived on Friday!
It’s so beautifully presented and I was excited to get started.

I’m a bit scatty and have obviously missed the memo that I’d be trying ashwaganda as I was expecting valarian.

I wasn’t aware of the sleep inducing benefits of ashwaganda so I’m looking forward to seeing how it compares to the valerian root tablets I’ve been taking for a few weeks!

I’ve to start on number 3 which is cardamom flavour and I was most keen to try out of the three options. Unfortunately it’s absolutely mingin’! Such a naaasty taste! But let’s see…if it helps with sleep it’ll be worth it.

Last thing is that the number of sprays doesn’t seem to feed through to the app correctly. Before I’d even sprayed for the first time it was reading as 68 then after I sprayed thrice it went down to 65.
I’ve only used it four times all together so hopefully it’ll catch up with itself!

Any pro tips will be gladly received!

Sleep tight everyone :sleeping:


Morning @HelloLolo and it’s amazing to have you here with us and so pleased you received your Ashwa pack! It’s an incredible plant and a long history of impacting human health … there’s in fact this short little video story we put together based on the travels of our ethnobotanist @MJB that you might enjoy to see …

You will also find an incredible community here where we are not only interested in feeling more calm and sleeping better but also amazingly providing a lot of support to each other and the team developing sofi. It’s been a huge source of support for us all on this journey … so let’s see how you get along with Ashwa :pray:


So happy your Pioneer Pack arrived @HelloLolo and absolutely thrilled for the discoveries you are hopefully about to make!

PS We are aware of some “phantom sprays” affecting some users and are currently investigating a fix for this! Please report back if you notice any changes :pray: :blush:

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Similar here, I love the Ashwaganda pack I’ve received with pod, however not all sprays I use are being recorded