Bubble Activity Query

Maybe I missed instructions. Apologies if I did. With the bubble activity, do I pop / remove the ones I am feeling or do I pop / remove the ones I am not feeling so leaving the correct ones visible? Does that make sense?? Sorry. Don’t want to be doing it the wrong way.


Not to worry @dcm.leeds and glad you asked! The idea is to pop the bubbles that you’re not feeling, leaving only the moods that you are, which you can then make bigger or smaller depending on the intensity you feel them in comparison with the others!

If you pop a bubble by accident, just long press/hold on the screen to get it back :blush: :s2_n03: :s2_n02: :s2_n01:


Ooops. Been doing it wrong then… Sorry. Will do it properly from now on. Thanks for clarifying.


And you can adjust them in size, showing how much of that feeling you are feeling. Although that bit is still hard to do.

This morning my first bubble I interacted with I was able to grow to the largest size so far. But then sadly none of the other seemed to respond nor could I make it smaller again. We’ll get there. I do love the idea of it.

And even better is the idea you can change each bubble, so it’s not just anxious, but 3 other underlying emotions you can choose from for example.

And hopefully in the future it remembers your last set up, so you don’t have to change the bubbles each time you interact with them.


Thank you. That is really clear now.


Thanks, Alex, i was wondering if i had missed instructions elsewhere. I have been doing it wrong but will do correctly from now on. Now that i see what you can do with the bubbles it all makes even more sense to me now. Yay!
It’s ( the App and the process) a learning curve, perhaps for all of us: pioneers and Sofi people! All your efforts and accepting feedback make it fun to participate! Looking forward to my pack, I think i have been journalling for 140 days now. Be patient, Pioneers x


You know every time our designs fall short of being clear the short coming is always our designs … and they will get better with time … so grateful for your patience and in persevering with us @drmudlark :pray: