Custom Bubbles and mood tracking

I know there are updates coming to the app still, and hopefully we will get things like the ability to mute the background music for the bubbles so it’s a little less conspicuous to fill in, but will there every be the possibility of creating custom Bubbles? Not different ones every time, but maybe on your own profile being able to add one or two of your own? And then on the same thought path, will people be able to view their own mood history?

I’ve noticed a few people here, like me, having some other underlying condition. In my case I have to rate my migraines every day already, and if I was able to track them through a custom bubble size and view the history of that, that would make it loads easier than journalling twice. Equally my migraines are affected by sleep so I am looking forward to seeing how sofi affects them. I’m sure it would also be useful to other people, and the data gained could be fairly insightful, so I was just wondering if there was anything like that in the works?


I agree. I struggle with the bubbles. I access sofi on my phone and find it impossible to decrease the size of the bubbles and properly identify my mood. I can increase the size but despite attempting to make them smaller it doesn’t work. The frequency of having to record using the bubbles means I am less able to truly record how I am feeling.


I dont think you can decrease the size of the bubbles below the size they come out, but only remove them if they dont apply. I expect that Alex will reply soon.
I seem to only leave the same 2 every day for months!


Hi @Calluna, @dcm.leeds, and @drmudlark - this is all really really great feedback so thank you for the post! I will tag @Kirill and @josif here so they can tell us a little bit more about any future plans / coming updates to the bubbles journaling.

We are really keen to implement as many Pioneer-suggested changes as we can (even if it takes us a little bit of time to do so), as the app wouldn’t be what it is without our community to begin with! So, please know that every piece of feedback we receive is compiled into a backlog list for us to implement when, and where possible! :love_letter: :blush:

Thanks for that. I have been trying to pinch them for months to get smaller bubbles. Like you, I end up choosing the same 2 over and over again. Would be nice to self select the emotions but then I guess it would make analysis of results very complex.