Can anyone help with anxiety

I’ve tried various supplements but they haven’t helped I suffer with severe social anxiety it’s so bad that I can’t even talk to my family without being drenched in sweat and feelings of panic. I spend a lot of time on my own because of my anxiety I feel I’m not living just existing. If anyone has any tips or things I can try I would really appreciate it.


I’m so sorry to read this @sarahpike04 and you know when we were researching the way anxiety marialises in our bodies and the plants that Amy target them we summarised our summary research into some white papers - would you like to have access to those? I would also ask @pamelaspence to perhaps share some suggestions here of things she has seen make a difference fast. You be pleased to know that the first plant we are activating with sofi - valerian- is known to have positive affects on helping with calm relatively fast for those that it affects (under ten days). So let’s make sure we complete baseline and reserve you a pioneer box so we can start the journey! :pray:

See if this link takes you there Sarah: On Anxiety + Sleep - #20 by Kaveh


Thank you so much for your message this has been going on for 8 years but right now is the lowest I ever been thank for your link I will take a look also you can pass my information to whoever you think can help thanks again


I’ve been dealing with anxiety for a fair few years now as well and I find mine is always up and down.
I was were you are at one point and often feel I am sliding back that way.
A few things that help me are…
Taking me time. I find a place with no distractions, somewhere I can lay down and get comfortable. I turn the lights off and make the room as dark as possible, I lay flat on my back and close my eyes. I focus on my breathing and my body. I take each part of my body and relax it but at a time. Starting at my feet and working up. Slowing my breathing down.
Only do as much as you can in one session and you’ll find the next to e you can do more. Relaxing music or guided relaxation videos help.

Pushing myself. I’m not suggesting for you to go to a party or anything but if you go for a walk in a quiet area. It’s really daunting to start with but if you have a place near by that’s quiet and you can hear nature it’s actually really nice. You’ll soon find you can walk longer distances or even to places with people.

Do the things you enjoy. I know that when you are anxious you don’t feel like you can do but pushing yourself a little at a time you’ll start remembering how much you enjoy it.
For me it’s crafting, making or arts. It helps me take my mind off the worries and focus on the same details.

My anxiety is still there but I now have coping strategies that help me get out of bed in the morning.

Just remember, don’t push yourself too hard. Anxiety can become more manageable with work. And you’re not alone in this.

I really hope some of this helps even in the tiniest. It’s the little steps that mean a lot


Thank you for sharing this :pray:


So sorry @sarahpike04 that I missed your message and @Kaveh’s request for a reply! Hopefully the link @Kaveh gave you to the other thread has given you some ideas.

My first thoughts are that you have some really difficult symptoms, this is not just mild anxiety and so I think that if you could access some professional one to one help that would probably be the best way to start getting on top of it. Your nervous system is constantly being triggered into full on fight or flight mode each time.

There are so many different ways to go about this - IMHO it’s unlikely one single measure will sort it out but slowly adding in layers of techniques that will, with time and patience make a difference.

So methods like CBT can train your brain our of the triggered response and help you create new neural pathways. That can be very helpful. Learning tapping for yourself to do at home is also very useful in the moment (search tapping to see other discussions). Then if there are known psychological triggers (i.e. lots of feelings to unpack) working through them with a counsellor may help.

Then making sure you have all the vitamins and minerals you need like magnesium (loads on this in other threads if you search) and B vitamins (which we power through when we’re stressed).

Then eliminating things from your diet that are probably not helping - caffeine, refined sugar, artificial sweeteners and stabilising your blood sugar.

Then of course herbs can help too. Sometimes it takes pharmaceuticals to step in and stop the triggering for a while so you can rest and get a handle on all the other things.

I know that may sound like a LOT but taking just one small step at a time, consistently, in the right direction soon adds up. But because it is a lot, i’d also recommend finding a professional like medical herbslist, naturopathic doctor or integrated physician to guide you through a process and take the overwhelm away.

I hope that’s helpful! Sorry no quick fix ideas but if i was to do one thing first it would probably be CBT for biggest initial inpact…
Pamela :herb:


Thank you for taking your time to share this with me unfortunately with me I have other health problems I will definitely try the breathing and relaxing my muscles .


I tried to get help at my doctor’s over the phone all he did was put me back on the medication that I stopped because it doesn’t work if I’m honest I’m exhausted sorry just writing this message is difficult for me have a lot going on and I just feel like I’m drowning sorry I’m gonna go I’ll message again I’m sorry I have to go


Good morning Sarah and happy Sunday. I read some interesting things on this yesterday - let me know when you fancy to see more. In the meantime we have some summaries on the way anxiety impacts and the plants that target them - let me know if you’ve seen those or in the mood to read. There are also groups available for more immediate support and very happy to find them. Mental health and anxiety have really been stressed particularly over the endemic so all I know for certain is sadly you are not alone in this. I am hoping you are feeling better today. xx :pray:


Hi @sarahpike04 ,

I’m so sorry that you are struggling at the moment and that you have not been able to access the help you need from your family doctor yet. Since you mentioned you have other health problems it’s even more important that your situation has input from your doctor, particularly since it is affecting what you can do every day.

If you have a mental health nurse then it would be good to reach out to them for support now too. And if you need someone to speak to urgently when you are feeling distressed the Samaritans are available 24/7 at if you are in the UK then Mind +44-300-123-3393 can also help point you in the direction of resources local to you.

I hope you find some respite soon and that you find a little comfort being here in the treehouse.

Pamela :herb:


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Seems i am not the only on with anxiety problems
So am following this one as i NEED some advice too x


Hi sarahpike04, so sorry to hear this. :frowning_with_open_mouth:

I have suffered with anxiety for most of my life and have found that consistent physical exercise (it tires your brain out and releases good endorphins) and partaking in a consistent hobby that makes you feel joy, has helped immeasurably over the years. Be sure to make time for yourself everyday to do one small thing that makes you happy and over time you can increase this to do several things that bring you joy.

Continue your use of valerian with sofi also, I hope this starts to help you quicker.

I have recently begun reading this book also on the recommendation of a therapist, and found it superbly helpful with my anxiety: ’ Everything Isn’t Terrible: Conquer Your Insecurities, Interrupt Your Anxiety and Finally Calm Down’. Link here: Everything Isn’t Terrible: Conquer Your Insecurities, Interrupt Your Anxiety and Finally Calm Down: Smith, Kathleen: 9781788164788: Books

Happy to help with anything else if you need it. Always here to chat also.

Have a great day! :slight_smile:


Hi natascha_mani, please see my reply above to sarahpike04 - hoping it can help you also. Please let me know if you require anything else. Sorry it’s a tough time right now, but things do get better, and we’re here for you. :slight_smile:

Hugs :hearts:


Dr Michael Gregor who I think is wonderful says vitamin C for anxiety. Hope it works for you. I am trying it.


I can sympathize 100%. I prefer to be alone just to keep my anxiety lower. What creeps in while alone I’ve been able to ease with a game called MyOasis. It’s a whole lot of interaction and tapping to build your oasis and it distracts me from my constantly racing thoughts. As far as social, I don’t have any suggestions as I am an avoider. :woman_facepalming:t3:


Welcome to the treehouse @jbutterworthtaylor and now sure how I missed your post earlier. As you probably have gathered by now this is an amazing place of a really caring and compassionate group of folks who not only search for more sleep and calm but also deeply care for each other and our progress with sofi. This has been a place for huge strength and encouragement for our team so delighted ti have you here on this journey with us. I had read that certain minerals and vitamins are used as supplements and I’m adding @pamelaspence our medical herbalist to see what her experience has been. How is it working for you thus far? :pray:


Hello @jbutterworthtaylor and welcome to the Treehouse. Sorry we missed your post!

You mean the Dr McGregor who wrote ‘How Not to Die’? I’ve always loved that title!

Indeed some studies have shown that vitamin c can reduce anxiety - they think it may be something to do with the fact that the brain uses so much of it and it is involved in dopamine production. It is also anti-inflammatory because of the antioxidant effects so that might play a role too.

A lot of the info about it suggests that increasing the amount of vitamin c via fresh fruit and veg may work better and have added benefits. Another Dr - Michael Greger suggests adding two portions of fruit and veg to your diet can show psychological benefits within just two weeks.

Another one to try which we have discussed at length here (and would be my first go to for patients) is magnesium but in the magnesium glycinate form. Magnesium is well known for its role in reducing anxiety and this is the best form for improving sleep.

Both magnesium and vitamin c can be taken safely together.

Hope that helps! :herb:


have you tried bach rescue remedy? helps me alot


Hi @Kaveh I would be really interested in reading about these please. I’m currently taking magnesium glycinate which I believe has been a great help - but really interested in understanding more after being ambushed with panic attacks in sept followed by crippling anxiety.