Can you go back into a journal to amend

A few times recently my journal has skipped and I haven’t been able to complete my entry. This morning it went straight to the emotion bubble activity then ‘finished’ and said journal was complete. I had not had chance to put in my sleep hours or quality of sleep. Don’t want this to skew my data


Hi @dcm.leeds,

Thank you so much for messaging about this. Unfortunately we do not currently have a way to edit or add previous journal entries. Thankfully, sofi is designed to understand your sleep and mood over a long period of time and so missing one day/half day of data is not too critical - of course we want to ensure that it doesn’t continue to occur due to a bug.

I will pass this along to our dev team asap, and they may get back to me with some follow-up questions for you. It may also be worth triple checking that you are on the most recently updated version of the app just to be safe! :blush: :pray:


Thanks Alex. I will try to navigate carefully.