How to edit journal?

First journal experience tonight and I found the moods a little confusing… since they were not labeled, I was exploring - wanted to add both anxious and tired but once it landed on one of those and asked for intensity, (which I also wasn’t sure about - would feel better if I could could choose more than one mood and rate them on a scale) the window closed and I was thanked but I couldn’t figure out how to go back… Is there a way to navigate back and edit entries?


Hi @kaneary

We are already working on labelling the emotions (this seems to be a popular feedback).

Editing entries isn’t an option yet but we’ll add it to our roadmap!
Thanks a lot for your feedback :slight_smile: keep it coming, please!


I didn’t see the intensity either.

@BrandNewMe in case you’re still unsure, next time look for a dial or an arch over the mood image that you chose, the mood sign sits right in the middle of said dial, among the other moods. You can drag the little “handle” clockwise or anti-clockwise to regulate the intensity.


Thanks @fcjulia , that’s exactly right! :slight_smile: