Don’t like journaling now it’s more frequent

I really can’t get into the swing of journaling twice or more times during the day. I’m so focused on work that I don’t get round to doing the morning journal so unable to input my sleep, which is a bummer as with the old way I was kept informed of how good or bad I had slept to see if the plants were working. Can you not change the evening journal to include previous nights sleep as well just incase it’s not noted during the day? I’m more focused on a night with social media things as it helps me wind down from the stresses of the day


You raise an excellent point @angela.campbell, and we actually went back and forth about including a sleep journal that could be completed any time of the day.

Our reasoning was that it could lead to confusion both on the side of the user, (for example, say I wanted to record a midday nap… would I journal 30 minutes of sleep time or journal 6hrs of sleep from that night + the 30 minutes of nap time (6.5hrs altogether)?

Of course, getting any sleep input wrong, or having multiple entries for the same day, would also present an issue for the sofi brain in understanding a true effect, so hence we decided to remove the feature altogether.

We always love to hear alternative suggestions, however, and it may not be out of the realm of possibility to include sleep in an evening journal IF - and only IF - the sleep journal was missed during the morning/day… what do you think @angela.campbell ?


I personally feel that adding in an option to record your sleep, if you have forgotten to do it… (which I often do) would be brilliant and beneficial. :slightly_smiling_face:


I think that’s a great idea!


Hi Alex. My thoughts are similar to the others, but with one major difference. I mostly cannot record my sleep hours because I am sleeping DURING the day, and awake all night. So when I finally get up, it is evening and I am not allowed to record my hours. This was also a problem with some of the questions in that survey that I could not fill out. So it looks like I am not recording, when actually I cannot. I often try to do it part way through the day, but then I think, if I fall back asleep now, how accurate is it? Confused with how to deal with it for myself. When I have days or weeks where I am sleeping at night, then it is not an issue, but that is rare.


Hi Angela,

To my mind , once you get used to it journaling doesnt take up much of my time at all and helps me to reflect on my mood mornings or night. Ive been doing it for some months now and find it helps me to reflect on how im actually doing/feeling which is what this program is largely about. Surely 2 min of your time reflecring on your day and having a look what has a positive/negative effect on your well-being is time well spent.
I find ifni take my time and actually think about my responses when journaling it helps me put things in perspective.

Hope this helps… give it a go!



I definitely see the value in journaling in the morning but I struggle to remember!

I too would appreciate the possibility to track my sleep later in the day if I’ve missed the morning journal window, as the alternative is often no data at all.


I’ve never thought to include a nap into my sleep time, but at the moment I’m not journaling as I’m not using the sprays, I have a full cupboard, too much going on, and wouldn’t be accurate, but when I was journaling I often missed the morning journal, which I think is the most important, as thwts where you record your sleep, and how can Sofi brain see which plants helping you most if you don’t record your sleep. Just a thought I will try to be online more, though I won’t record sleep or journal as I’m not using the spray, when I restart then I’ll journal too. Though the treehouse seems very quiet, muet be because I’m not waffling away :joy:

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