Can't wait for S3

I can’t wait for the new formulation using Ashwagandha and hope I will be one of the first pioneers to use it. I started on Passiflora last August and, although I didn’t realise it at the time, it made quite an improvement to my sleep pattern. I don’t think I did my journalling properly as it wasn’t until I started on Valerian and my sleep deteriorated, that I realised I hasn’t been moving the sleep dial correctly for how broken or how good my sleep was. I even received a second batch of Valerian in the hope that the longer I took it the more effect it would have but, if anything, I slept better without it! I am really hoping the Ashwagandha will have a positive effect on my sleeping. :sleeping::crossed_fingers:


Hoping that the new interface works better for you @Milli47 … just adding @alexwalkerjones to make sure you’re receiving an S3 kit and also to make sure you are good with the new interface … app is coming out in waves next week :pray:


Absolutely @Kaveh ! In fact, @Milli47, over the past 6 months, you’re in the 15 highest number of journals of all Pioneers - which is some incredibly impressive journaling! Can’t wait to hear what we discover with ashwagandha for you! x


Ive been waiting over a year now to join S3, i just hope it hurries up as at the end of my tether.


Thats good going since you joined 8 and a half months ago! I’m sure no-one has had to wait over a year. But still 8-9 months is a long wait.

No doubt one of the team will reply soon. Hang on in there. As long as you are doing your journal it wont be long before S3 is in our hands with a new pod and new app.


I realised after that it was 9 months, seems longer from lack of sleep.
The team have replied.
Thank you for your clarification of my time with Sofi.