S3 Sofi stick is here!

Day 2 of taking the S3 sofi stick. I chose the n02 to try first. Not in love with the taste but that being said, i have seen a slight improvement in my overall mood during the day and I was finally able to sleep 6 hours last night! Still woke up a few times and tossed and turned but I was able to fall asleep faster than normal and fall right back into sleep after waking up a few times. So definitely an improvement. A whole year of patiently waiting for this day to come was all worth it. Thank you Sofi for this. You guys are amazing!!!


A year is an incredible achievement @kashirasolomon and we know if there was an award for most patience and supportive online communities - ours would 100% win!!

We are so thrilled that your pioneer pack arrived to you, and now that the time between programs is on track to be significantly reduced, we cannot wait to soon trial all different plants! Wishing you all the best of luck with ashwagandha and a restful week ahead :tulip: :sun_behind_small_cloud: :sofi_moon:

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