Reward for journal reduced by 50%

Just finished my journal for this morning. Not as many questions as some days, not a problem. Did anybody else notice the seed reward was down from 10 to 5? There may have been a post/update i missed explaining this.


Hi @del604,

It’s my understanding that he first journal of your day (every 24 hours) receives 10 seeds, and any journals after that receive 5 each until the journaling cap for the day is reached.

We recently posted a breakdown of seed earning here: Earn rewards with our Seed Bank Rewards Program! - and you can also find these details directly via your sofi app by heading to your seed back and selecting “how to earn seeds” :blush: :pray:


Hi @alexwalkerjones,

My mistake! I journaled this morning and all was as usual. Sorry for the misunderstanding and explaining how things work yet again. Great job :clap:



I had a look at and digested the info you sent me. Thank you very much. I’m sure yesterday I only journaled once, and received 5 seeds, hence the post in the tree house. As nobody else mentioned this I’m assuming it was some sort of glitch my end? Not a problem either way.