Havent recieved pods and no more poi ts

Ive been doing the journals for about a month now, i have recieved the stone but still havent recieved the pods, plus when ive done the journal by points arent going up there staying the same, can anyone help with this


You will get the pod and sprays when the next batch has been made and ready to go. You need to keep on journalling though to take part in the study.

This is still a trial, all paid for by sofi, and improvements are being made to the App and the pod.

Products are not all ready to go out. They will be when they are ready to be sold commercially.

You will have to be a bit patient but new pioneers are fortunate now because things are speeding up and you wont have to wait as long to try the sprays as the early ones did. Exactly when they arrive can also depend on when you joined in relation to how much of the herb being trialled at the time is left.

Nearer the time that the next batch of sprays are completed there will be an update in the Treehouse. :slightly_smiling_face:

As to the seed points. I dont think they are added instantly because there is a cap on daily points. Are you sure that they are not added at the end of the day?


Hi @Lulu1518 - thanks for your message and thank you to @drmudlark for explaining so well the answer to the first part of your question!

Regarding your sofi seeds, we are more than happy to look into this for you. Either here or via the sofi moon chat in the top left corner of your app, if you could be so kind as to upload a photo of your journal history page, as well as your seed earnings history, we can check whether both of those thing match up a=behind the scenes!

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