No seeds for morning Journal?

I’m sorry, this is probably a silly question. Is the morning journal supposed to be giving seeds as a reward or is it only the evening journal now? I didn’t get any this morning, which is okay but I wasn’t certain if that’s what’s supposed to happen or not. Apologies if I’m just missing something obvious here, but I know previously the Sofi team have wanted to hear about possible bugs so I wanted to mention it just in case


That’s super interesting @Calluna … adding a couple of team members … I think there is a 24 hour limit on how many seeds can be generated from journalling … of course we encourage you to record how you feel as often as you fancy it and at least once a day … but from a rewards point it may be capped over the window … adding @Kirill and at @lucas to this chain as well :pray:


The cap is 25 seeds for journaling in a day. So that might be what’s at play here.