Costs money... i didnt know

After doing this for a couple of months, i assumed this was for free,(from what ive read) … now im at the stage for my pod an vape thing to be shipped, i hace a email asking for about £80… … after all this time. What a dissipointment.
Could of brought this in a shop in
Wasted all this time for few months, when could of got cheaper in a shop the same day… this plant comes in pill form. Wasted so much time hoping for cure. Not waiting no more. Im going to shops


I’m astounded and I’m sure this is a mistake Titan.

As far as i know, Sofi is not ready to make any commercial sales yet, not until the end of the year from what i have read.

Are you sure that the email is not just about a survey that sofi would like opinions and feedback on from their pioneers?

It is set out like a real scenario which starts out with what currency you would like to pay, but you will NOT be asked for bank details or anything like that, neither will you be committed to anything at this stage.
The survey is also pinned to the top of The Treehouse.

Maybe you could look again at that and at your email?
I am tagging @alexwalkerjones so that she sees your post above ASAP :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi @Titan,

Please rest assured that we are still several months away from having product ready to sell, so you will not have received any email from us asking for payment of any sort.

The Pioneer Program will remain ongoing and free for our Pioneers for the foreseeable future.

We absolutely understand if you would rather opt for store-bought herbal remedies in the meantime, as our products that we offer for free are subject to a lengthy production time, from the process of harvesting the plant, creating the extracts, flavour formulating, building improved generations of our smart pods, hand packing and assembling our units, and so on and so forth.

Our next plant will be a super strength Chamomile and our current ETA is for an early September launch, of course, if there’s anything we can do in the meantime to push those timelines forward, we absolutely will!


It asked for payments at the end


Thanks for reassuring me… however, there seems to be a scam going around now… my email was from sofi asking for payments … ill forward you the email after work so you can see it. I will also update my post… or, feel free to take it down before it scares other members…

Sofi management has emailed me stating they dont take payments as of yet… this is still free at the moment… if anyone else gets a email asking for payments, then report it. DO NOT PAY ! … this IS FREE.


Absolutely @Titan, please do forward it to my email at so that we can investigate and get it reported. Such an awful thing for someone to do - It’s certainly a good reminder to always be aware.

Don’t worry about removing your post! We appreciate the update and completely understand.


I would however be perpared to pay after trying this out an seeing that it works…cant expect to get for free forever.