Couldn’t do it without Sofi 🥰

I just want to say thank you to Sofi! While my sleep is still broken & it may or may not be something I’ll have to come to live with… I’ve been going through quite huge stressful changes & from I started using my spray I feel like it just separates my anxieties & worries to the side & helps me tackle things head on! I honestly could not have done this before Sofi, so thank you :v:t2:


This is so amazing to hear this and I can assure you that we couldn’t have created our sofi if it wasn’t for this incredible deeply caring and hugely patient pioneer community helping us shape her together one part at a time … over the sofi moon that you and Ashwa found each other through sofi :heart: @roisindrumm23 :pray: … and that’s how I died Ashwa … two sprays three to four times through out the day … I did find more capacity for calm with the help of this awesome plant :seedling: