Daily feeling chart🌿

I was just trying to find an emotion on facebook and i thought id take some pics for what your thpughts are on possibly adding a couple mor

e?i know we had discussed “meh”

Theres loved,homesick,dizzy,sleepy,wornout,determined,jolly,low,fed up,irritated,worried,super,joyful,incomplete,peaceful,pained,heartbroken,bored,lucky,exhausted etc…Thoughts?Thankyou so much again for this opportunity,this has been a part of my life now a few months!


This is amazing @jacquelinecannon1 and I was spending some time looking at what sofi had to say about her first signals from our first build when it came to your response to valerian! So I’m so happy you’ve been part of this journey with us (will be posting about 20 results this week in the treehouse so keep your eye out)! On target state these are cool … going to see how many of these are mapped into the upcoming multi state journalling platform we call sofi “bubble” … more of this to be revealed toward the end of this month and one of our stretch goals is to activate this journalling mechanism in time for S2 … the main feature is not just the increased states but the fact that you can journal a plurality of feelings at the same time xx happy Monday! :pray:


Hi!sounds INCREDIBLE, super stoaked to see what ypuve bern up to and this journey has been phenomenal for me xx​:earth_asia::herb::clap:


Oh i like this idea! Definitely feel more than one emotion in a morning but with me it’s usually tired and anxious! Maybe we could also be able to write something in too? How we’re feeling, if we’ve had nightmares or just general comments maybe?


Oh yes dreamstates are very important when waking up from a nasty or strange dream👍


I definitely in the months with Sofi have fekt more motivated snd healthier overal in the mornings👍


Many days I look at the options and don’t feel any of them. Most days I feel neutral, not happy, sad, anxious etc. Obviously don’t need loads more options but definitely think a neutral option should be added.


Im really not understanding the new different colour pie chart too,i cant move rhe dial on it🤣