Mood dialler cheat sheet!

Happy Wednesday treehouse!

Courtesy of a really helpful suggestion I saw by @BrandNewMe I whipped up a quick cheat sheet/guide for the beautiful mood dialler we have within the sofi app:

After a few days, I’ve started to get used to which mood options there are available, but I still find myself clicking around to find the plant emoji I’m in search for. Hopefully this guide can help in the mean time while our tech team works on creating this (likely 10x more aesthetically pleasing) within-app!

Happy journaling!


Thanks @alexwalkerjones
And just to confirm we are also working on the solution to somehow annotate these in the app!


Amazing @Kirill - can’t wait and thank you for the update!


That is a very useful tool - ought to be available from the beginning I was left trying to guess if it was just the mouth or the shape of the flower that mattered, needless to say I mixed up the down in the mouth tired symbol with the sad symbol taking the tired one to mean depressed and the sad one to mean so so. I didn’t get the angry one at all or the anxious - perhaps I don’t respond well to random visual symbols or maybe these are emoji based and I don’t get those at all apart from the obvious happy, sad, and angry ones.


It’s sometimes hard enough having to summarise the complexity of our emotions into a single word or idea … having to do that and play “guess who” is perhaps one step too much as you’ve pointed out here @wheatandrye1 ! So as @alexwalkerjones has guessed and @Kirill hinted above we are definitely looking to reduce some of this great mystery … sneak peek below!

Another update on our priority list for @Kirill to balance! Thank you so much for the feedback and keep them coming. Soo happy you are with us on this journey! Should get some sleep now! KM


I don’t know if I am alone with what I am about to share.
I have been journaling my sleep for close to 40 days now. Initially, it was exciting to do this exercise because it created an awareness about my sleep, my mood at time of journaling (which for me is usually about 15min after waking up in the morning).

However… after many days of journaling, I find it “boring”. I don’t see history; I can’t see patterns; I can’t match the sleep information with anything else I was feeling at time of journaling… in other words: it has just become a routine, that I wouldn’t miss if I stopped it.

For now, this might be an isolated issue that only I have - maybe others here do not share that view. But maybe they do.

Looking ahead to a time when I have access to the Sofi stick, it would be really uncool if that boredom would kick-in for users.

Of course, I don’t know how the finished product will look like and what emotional connections to my life it will create. If however it is similar to what I experience now, then I see a risk that users might stop using journaling simply because the journaling part has become ‘boring’.
Has this been an aspect you have been looking at? Will you be adding elements of excitement going forward? Will there be something that hooks me in ways that other apps manage to do (with statistics; new features after certain days; new information based on my input etc)?

Thank you for listening - and I look forward reading you
Have a good nights sleep!


This is excellent feedback @laurent.rossier - we are going to be releasing the full app within two weeks to the community here which will begin to incorporate a wide range of feedback rather than the two you have been using. We are also going to share a dashboard within two weeks as well on which gives history and also shares with you how other Pioneers are feeling … so you are spot on. It could get a little tedious if they only mechanism of feedback was these two ways of asking the question … so you are going to see that evolve over the coming weeks! Super grateful that you and the community have kept on journalling despite the limited range of feedback - but this is about to start expanding in significant ways!! :pray: