Day8 of journal

Hey everybody im excited im on day 8 im nearly there to finally get help with sleep and anxiety


Welcome to the treehouse @Kirsty1990 - glad to have you here and cannot wait to see what discoveries your and sofi will make!

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Im still waiting for my pod after nearly 5 months


Hi @Kirsty1990 - thanks for your message!

I can see in the system that your Pioneer pack is reserved with us!

We have recently announced some changes in our Pioneer Studies which you can read up on here: Changes to our Pioneer Studies moving forward. We had to push our production a little further due to an overwhelming influx of new Pioneers over the course of summer. We understand how frustrating the wait can be and we are doing everything possible to have Pioneer’s packs shipped asap (p.s. we also can’t wait to ship them out!).:pray:

Our current ETA is for winter launch and our next plant is chamomile :blossom:. Thanks a lot for your persistence and journaling so far! :sofi_moon:

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