Do i need a pod for the fragrances

I received my fragrances today but with no pod to insert them into, is this right?
No instructions either so not sure what to do, thanks

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Hi, they fit in the pod for the herbal mouth sprays, assuming you have a black pod for those?. You just have to swop them around.

The app will recognise the pod you put in and will count your sprays

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If you received an email, there should be instructions in that.
The small black and white label in the box says which pod to start with.
From memory i think you spray the first pod you start with for 6 days. Then have a day off before using the next fragrance for 6 days, etc.
I will check my enail and get back if my memory is wrong


From my email:

Your fragrances for better focus have been shipped - when they arrive, please refer to the instructions of use below.

We can’t wait to see what new focus-driven insights you experience in this study!

  1. Please begin spraying with the capsule assigned to you via your journey card. Spray your first fragrance for 6 consecutive days, pausing all sprays on day 7.

You may spray as often as you like, and as little or as much as you prefer (can be sprayed on to skin, fabric, or into the air).

  1. Flip a coin to decide which spray to use next (days 1-6 only), repeating the steps above. only one fragrance should be used per week.

  2. Journaling with the sofi app should take place everyday, regardless of sprays: once in the am, and once in the pm, and more often if you like!

Please note: our wellness fragrances are designed to be carried with you throughout the day, for use anytime when you would like to enhance your feelings of focus. They may impact emotion and/or mood. Do not ingest.

As always, we invite you to share any questions or thoughts in the treehouse. Here’s to a more focused you!

sofi xx


I cant wait to receive mine. Does the pod and sprays just get sent out or do you have to do anything after posting pebble and confirming your address? I havent been journalling for a wee while as my mental health hasnt been to good.
I hope is ok to say this but id like to share why my anxiety, lack of sleep and my own mental health seem so insignificant. I still cant believe I lost a good friend 3 weeks ago then his best friend who is also my friend passed a week ago too. Its so sad :face_exhaling: as they were both only in their 40s. They are both called Paul. Just to explain. The second Paul is being laid to rest on Monday.
A celebration of his/their lives. Sunflowers :sunflower: and colorful clothes. :yellow_heart: :yellow_heart: RIP Paul Low and Paul Grey. Our love and rhoughts to all their friends and families :innocent::innocent::heart:xx


Sounds like you have been having a tough time. It is always OK to share on here. We have all found Sofi because we struggle with sleep / anxiety / tension / challenges of some kind. Welcome.