Do we have an idea when the next phase with ashwagandha

This is me being nosey, I’ve finished my passiflora pods well 2 of them, one doesn’t work, ive just finished pod 1 of valerian, thats very bitter. I just wondered if we had any ideas when the ashwagandha pods will be sent out hopefully with the upgraded Sofi stick, i still haven’t had time to get batteries foe this one, too many appts with drs consultants, oncologists, manmillan nurses,stoma nurses. I have to say my local stoma nurse makes me feel like im a kid in school, she intimidates me and I’m 55. I have 2 local stoma nurses, ones very good, but is only around a couple of days a week, she said to ask for samples of stoma bags and accessories from online, which ive been doing, and one of the companys rang her, to ask if i could try a 2 piece stoma bag, then i didnt have to keep ripping the bags off, which in turn makes my skin sore, the idea of the 2 piece is the baseplqte stays on, and a bag clicks on when needed, which is a blessing if you have an upset stomach. Anyway company rang her, she rang me and said i have to go through her for any other products i may want to try. She was most insisitent and i felt like id been scolded and i just wanted to say “sorry Miss won’t do it again.” Most other suppliers have sent me samples without questions. I now have more bags and the stuff you need to go along with your preferred bags, the adhesive remover, barrier spray, flanges, flange extenders, pearl for when you have diarrhea, pop one in your pouch and it helps to make the contents more jelly like, rather than watery, dry wipes, wet wipes, rubbish bags, the list goes on, if i hadnt been looking online i wouldnt know half of whats on offer and as i have delicate skin not all the bags are suitable for me. Now i have a batheo stacked to the rafters with boxes and sprays etc. But if i dont yru them how will i know whats right for me. I digress…again!

I went off topic for a rant, sorry. Looking forward to the next phase of pods and im very intrigued about the other trial that will work our noses, especially as ive said, my cancer is back, so feeling anxious and exhausted, and thats with decent sleep.


Hi @MissTQ, I tag @alexwalkerjones; she will help you with your question about the ashwagandha release. Take care and talk soon :smiling_face:


Thanks @pira, I hope its soon, I’ve just started valerian pod number 2, and have another to go, and with everything that’s going on with the cancer I need sleep!!! Though last night I slept solidly for 7 hours, then I changed my fentanyl patch and slept for another 3 hours, still feel exhausted, but my moods better, Steve says I’m not as cranky as I was!! I admit I’ve been very snappy lately, but its because I’m worried and not because of anything he does, apart from sticking his feet up and asking me to massage them, I hate feet, I bought him a hand held massager last Christmas, he’s used it, not often, as he says it’s better if someone else use it so he could relax and enjoy the massage!! So this year I’ve got him a massager that you can put around your neck, back, and feet, hopefully he’ll get the idea, as he goes deaf when I tell him I hate feet. You’d think he’d get the message after 28 years of me telling him!! Sorry for waffling, i can waffle for England.

Merry Christmas :santa:


Hi, my husband has an iliostomy which means no colon. We had trouble finding the right bags that wouldn’t come loose early. We contacted Convatec and got samples of their 2 piece pouch system and love it. He can go 6 to 7 days before changing the base with no skin trouble. Also the Natura moldable skin barrier does not have to be cut to fit. It’s a game changer! Love the system! They will send samples directly to you. Don’t go thru your nurse. Hope this helps!


Hi, ive tried with some samples, one compqny rrang my stoma nurse, who then rang me went ballistic, ive found some of the 2 piece bags, im ok with Dansac and coloplast, my nurse got me some, but only 5 bases and 30 bags, so they won’t last over the festive period, but I’ll het things sorted then. I hqte rhe stome, i dont think I’ll ever get on with it, I’ve been up all night changing bags, i took a loperamide capsule, last night, hasn’t slowed it down, was awake most of the night. I appreciate it had to be done, as an emergency after the 1st op to get rid of the tumor, but ill never get on with it. Merry Christmas xx