Hi everyone, im new

Hi everyone, look forward to seeing your reviews .
Im hoping to start feeling relaxed and getting dome decent sleep. Although its been 15 years since i got more than 5 hours a night


Welcome @Traceyx and so delighted to have you here with us on this journey … you’ll find an an amazingly caring and compassionate community here … not just Pioneers helping us build sofi together but importantly helping each other and these very personal journeys with our amazing power plants … can’t wait to see what journeys are ahead for us and welcome onboard :pray:


I’ve not seen a bad review yet, looking forward to starting my journey! At the moment do you have any kind of sleeping routine or any measures to try and help with your sleep? Such as cutting out blue light from devices after a certain time? And how do you feel having 5 or less hours of sleep do you feel you are less focused or more easily agitated?


I dont really have a sleeping routine altho i have a very fark room and listen to calming music.
Some days i can feel refreshed and others i geel absolutely awful. Ive been like this for 15 years so i should be used to it. But now i have a very physical job and can work up to 13 hours a day and having just lost 6 stone i dont always have the strength or energy to stay awake


Have you purposely lost weight or is that an adverse affect of your current lifestyle? I know we’re not left with many options in this economy but you should always prioritise your health over work wherever possible. Even after 15 years, sleep deficit can still have a major impact on your energy, mood, productivity and ultimately your mental and physical health. I found a sleeping routine to help (although I find it hard to stick to) sticking to set times and a gradual kind of wind down process, this could include a personal sleep diary, I try to write when I go to sleep and wake up and how many times through the night, and what my thoughts are in the moment, without letting it distract me from sleeping. This can help by turning thoughts into a physical note that can be reflected on later and help to identify what is hindering your sleep. I try and do some minor excercise a few hours before sleep and avoid anything physical after that, I like to reflect on my day and focus on what I enjoyed and what I am grateful for throughout the day. This could be activities, meals, tv, music, people, I also found this helps with my anxiety. I also like natural sounds like rainforest thunderstorms, although this is preference and what could help one person could deter another. I hope you find something that helps soon as well as recivieving your pod asap. I and I’m sure others would love to be kept updated with your process and progress.