Hi newbie joining the exciting new adventure ☺

Hi I’m a newbie I joined very early this morning :sunrise_over_mountains: :relaxed:!! I’m Mandy , I hope this is the right place to post this…I’m an :older_woman:t2: so apologies as I’m not techo minded…:sweat_smile:.
Thank you :blush: xx


Welcome I’m no good with technology so your not alone


Welcome to the treehouse :heart_eyes:


Welcome @mandy.lodge91
Very glad to have you on this sofi journey with us :blush::herb:


Hi 8m sabrina it’s really a nice place to be here especially if u want to ask questions or wennu can’t sleep no matter the time u always find someone or something to read about like updates etc on sofi 1


It’s so great to have you here @mandy.lodge91 and I think you will find an amazingly engaged and caring community. Hope you will manage some rest tonight! :pray:


Good morning All Thank you for your lovely messages & fab welcome :blush:. I hope you are all well and safe :mask:…I would like to say I had a good :sleeping: :zzz: but no fall asleep then wake up so becomes a circle of :yawning_face::yawning_face::disappointed_relieved: through being tired!! Just wondering if anyone knows how to relive cramp …omg every night I get it in my toes feet thigh calf :weary:…I drink loads of water a day so I’m not dehydrated
Any suggestions or recommendations would be greatly welcome Thank you xx :kissing_heart: :older_woman:t2::heart:


Hmmm I’m no expert but have had that before… Try eating a banana or have small amount of Gatorade before bed. A lot of times the cramping is due to lack of potassium, so anything to help elevate potassium level but perhaps @pamelaspence could add her expertise?


Thanks @kaneary! Sorry to hear you have a problem with cramp @mandy.lodge91 . It’s often to do with magnesium deficiency and that’s definitely something easy to try first of all. There was a long thread on this a while ago - maybe you can search for magnesium and get to that?

Essentially though, most of us are now magnesium deficient even if we eat a healthy diet. Low magnesium can cause insomnia, anxiety and leg cramps and if that is the issue then the good news is that it’s an easy fix!

Magnesium is available in many forms but magnesium glycinate is thought to be the best at helping with sleep. Many of my patient find their leg cramps disappear once their magnesium level is sorted so it’s definitely worth a try!

Hope that helps!
Pamela :herb:


Hi @kaneary & @pamelaspence :heart:Thank you both so much for the messages, I’ll definitely give them both go :blush:. I have a look at the other threads.