Fallen out off the tree house

Ouch . But I’m ok :relaxed::relaxed:sofi stick didn’t want to connect this morning . But after asking nicely and clearing my internet she decided to work. But than I couldn’t get back in to treehouse :persevere::persevere: as I couldn’t remember my password. Had to go and find my email in December for the password :person_facepalming::person_facepalming:. found it but how do I change it. So if I fall out again :person_shrugging: clumsy me can get back up without going through the emails :relaxed::relaxed:


Haha! Oh no @sonja.ekkers.77 very glad to see you made it back :relaxed:

You can change your password by clicking on your profile bubble in the top right corner of the screen and selecting the little person icon (:bust_in_silhouette:) and then “preferences.”

From preferences you select “security” where you can then access the “send password reset email” button which will allow you to reset your password and choose a new one :sofi_moon: :sparkles:


Great thank you will try that later :relaxed: