Feeling lost within myself

Hey. I’m new here. I’ve been feeling very lost recently. I don’t really know how to explain, I feel that I don’t know who I am? I feel like an empty vessel, if that makes sense? Any tips on how I can find myself?
I’ve had many set back in left particularly in the past year or so. I’ve been battling with anorexia Nervosa for the past 3 years.


I’m on the journey to finding myself aswell, at the moment I don’t have any advice but I will say you are not alone. There are many in the same mindset and I am certainly with you on this one. I have started tapping recommended by @pamelaspence and I will say it is helping. It sounds so ridiculous to think that tapping on certain areas of body while saying affirmations can do anything but it does. Maybe try this on the tapping solution app. They have mini meditations on finding self compassion and it seems like loving yourself will be a major step on your journey to finding you :pray::heart: much love


Dear @Laurabeth ee are grateful to have you here with us on this journey … you know the plants that we are activating are known to aid with sleep and calm but finding oneself is a major journey … perhaps we, the community here, may play a small part in that … in any case welcome ! :pray:

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I get it, i feel like im sleep walking a lot…I have BPD


Hi Laurabeth,
I know how you feel as an empty vessel just existing instead of living
I suffer with neuropathy it’s unbelievable pain I find it hard to cope but I will say being here with Sofi there will be a plant to aid your sleep and hopefully this will give you some relief
I hope you have a good family or friend network to give you hope the only advice from me is to never give up
We all have to be more positive which will make us more confident
I hope you find relief from one of Sofi pods


So glad to hear it is helping. I know, it seems crazy but i think if the US veteran centres take it seriously as a treatment then it has to be worth a try!



Hi @Laurabeth
I know the feeling too, I don’t have much advice either. Sitting in the sunshine and getting lost in a book helps me to not deal with reality.
I have suffered with an eating disorder and I know how isolating and all consuming it is trying to fight it. I am mostly ok now but it is still something I have to battle especially when I am feeling low and anxious. It is possible to recover tho, are you having any counselling? That really helped me. It takes great strength and courage to even say that you are battling with an ED, you already have great courage.
Sending loads of hugs :hugs::hugs::hugs:


Thank you everyone. Such kind welcome people. It’s lovely to see I am not alone. And kit going crazy!