I hope this is whats going to change my life

This is so different, i cont wait to see if it will help. I know its about how you feel internally but im 42 now and struggled as far back as i can remember. Turning to external addictions. Iv tried making positive changes like going Gym everyday, meditation, eating better but i still cont seem to figure out why i have aniexty and feel low and no energy, even though im trying.

*strong text :crazy_face:*strong text


Glad to have you here with us on this journey @123Gia and certainly love for sofi to play a small part in that amazing direction you are steering towards … welcome on board! :pray:


Thank you so much. :heartbeat:


Warmest of welcomes to our treehouse community @123Gia - it’s very exciting to have you here with us, and we look forward to the discoveries you and sofi can make!

Should you have any questions about the next steps, or get stuck - please don’t hesitate to reach out (alex@sofi.health) or tag me here anytime :blush: :love_letter: