Feeling worse on ash

Today is day 11 of taking Ashwagandha. I’ve had anxiety, some depression, and muscle pain the last few days and wakeful at night. Tonight I am buzzing in my body and wide awake. I did have two or three nights in the last 10 days where I felt like I slept well.
Don’t know if it’s the ashwagandha or if I should keep up with it
My concentration hasn’t been good either


Also seem to have a higher heart rate and on edge. I’m going to stop and see if it makes me feel better.


Also noticed my blood pressure is high after taking it. And it is slowly going higher every few minutes as I continue monitoring it

I am one of those people that is hyper sensitive to carbs and caffeine


Also noticed pressure in my head and losing interest in things and not being able to feel my emotions like normal but a numbness and just not feeling like myself.


I found that ashwagandha increased my anxiety, and I stopped using it after 10 days. I am very sensitive to meds.


Yea, I am very sensitive to carbs and caffeine as well. I am doing keto because it’s the only way I feel okay mentally and physically.


Hi @kathrynruthcollins @kteach99 - so sorry to hear about your negative experience so fr.

Tagging @pamelaspence for insight on possible side effects.

Feel free to hold off on spraying to see if any symptoms subside and if you’re comfortable you can always try again with a lower dose. On the other hand, it may not be the plant for you - in which case our other formulations might be better matches. :sofi_moon: :lotus:


Hello everyone,

Thanks for the tag @Marina

If you don’t feel right on the ashwagandha @kathrynruthcollins then the best advice is to stop taking it rather than persevering. If you feel that you might want to try again in a few days, you could try with just one spray and see how you feel. Ashwagandha is usually very well tolerated but not all plants suit every person so it may not be the one for you.

I hope that helps. Let us know how you get on.



Thanks. I actually started a new thread because I couldn’t find this one.
I began doing keto at the same time and for me, that is the answer as it helps me both mentally and physically.
Thanks for the fellowship and let me know if u want the 2 full pods that I have back if u are able to send a return label.


Thanks @kathrynruthcollins - glad you have found something that helps you.

I am tagging @alexwalkerjones to see about returning pods - i’m not sure about that part!

Take care :herb:

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Hi @kathrynruthcollins - sorry to hear that Ashwagandha may not be the right plant for you! As far as shipment, we unfortunately aren’t able to send a collection pack / prepaid label at this time, so please feel free to pass them along to a friend, if they might be something that can help. :pray: :slight_smile:

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