Finally getting my teeth fixed!

Hi all,
After a considerable wait (11 years) I have an appointment at a dentist to get my front 3 teeth sorted. Ive been in a continuous loop of alcohol and/or drug abuse for as long as i can remember. After a few months of contemplating i made the decision to stop everything. I was/am suffering from plantar faciatis, an incredibly painful thing. Thankfully my brother planted the seed that it was alcohol related and if i stopped drinking the pain would go away. Seen a podiatrist and he advised me to go out walking twice a day. This to me seemed counter intuitive. At first all i could manage was a 7 min walk around the block. My legs hurt, i was sweating and out of breath as i had rarely left the house for around 3 years. I was fortunate enough to go through an alcohol detox. A lady came to my house every day and delivered librium caps which stopped any withdrawal. Now i have a beautiful rescue dog (Tasha) and we walk about 10 miles everyday. I go to 4 or 5 AA meetings a week and my outlook on life has completely changed. I really live the sofi community, reading all of these posts has definitely helped my journey. We are all in the same boat re sleep problems but i find this program has given me more than just a spray.


Hi @del604 - this is absolutely incredible news - congratulations on such an incredible turnaround and so grateful that you chose to share this piece of your story with us.

Transforming 7 mins to 10 miles is such an inspiration :pray: You should be extremely proud of yourself xx