Spray but where

At last my pod has arrived and I am getting it charged ready to try and connect to the app (could be interesting since this is well out of my knowledge zone😁)
But there are no specific details of what to do with the spray in the pack. Are they meant to be sprayed into the air or into the mouth. I have read some talking about taste and others about smell so am now even more than normally confused. Please can someone help before my bedtime so I can hopefully start getting some sleep Thanks😴


Hi @Caroline - thanks for your message!

The formulations you received should be sprayed directly into mouth as stated on your plant instructions cards :wink:

We used to have focus fragrance program (to be used in the air/ on the skin/clothes/etc.) vs the plant formulation program (to be used orally) which you are a participant of currently - that is why the experiences described were different!

Good luck on your sofi journey and let me know if you have any further questions! :pray: :herb: