Second night of no sleep

Seriously when’s this going to end :cry: hate it. second night no sleep, don’t think I can go on like this anymore, worst time to be awake jus feel so lonely and scared. But I don’t even know what I’m scared off? So frustrating I can feel dead tired and sleepy watching TV around 10pm, soons I come upto bed my brain jus goes crazy with a million thoughts it’s like a shadow is hanging over me terrorising me and when I do sleep it’s not sleep real sleep I’m still awake but shutdown I hear everything but pretend I’m asleep when I know I’m not I just don’t understand what’s going on I can’t even explain what sleep feels like. I hate it so much… :rage: I know I don’t even make sense writing this. I feel absolutely shattered I’ve got black bags around my eyes, it’s not good for physical health aswell as my mental health, I try to talk to people but they don’t understand people even think I’ve taken or smoked something because some weeks I can go without sleeping for 4 days. So im clumsy and look like :poop: I’ve lost numerous jobs because of it now and jus think is this me now in my 30s and been like this since I was a teenager. I jus hope to god these sticks help even if its an hour of dreams and not living nightmares every :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: night. Sorry if this makes no sense jus had to write something somewhere


I feel your pain. :persevere::persevere: And tiredness. I’m the same as you . I can feel like I fall a sleep but the moment I want to go my brain turns on and won’t stop. And talking to people :person_facepalming: they give you all the advice you already tried millions of times. I also have the shutoff mode where I’m asleep but not, as my brain is still active. And if I it feels like I’m in between . Not asleep but not fully awake. And the moment something makes a little noise :exploding_head: brain is totally awake and you have to start the whole process of trying to go to sleep again. I had my first night of the sprays and sprayed just after dinner . And felt really tired and ready to sleep. Than bed time came I sprayed again and layed in bed thinking let the sleep come. But brain than wondered off thinking about something totally different and proper sleep didn’t come :sweat::sweat:as it’s just the first night I’m not discouraged as it’s only the first night and I couldn’t get it to pair up. So fingers crossed this will help us all. :relieved:


I’m exactly the same I’ve posted about this on here it’s the most depressing time but you can get through hopefully Sofi pods will rescue you


It’s horrible what you’re going through and unless people experience it themselves they just don’t understand.
Just remember you’re not alone in this, people in this group are going through exactly what you are.
Hopefully sofi can help you! And the support from the treehouse is amazing!

There is something out there that will help you. Just stay strong and you’ll get there :heart:


@fLeTcHeRrr , your note was about 15 days ago. How are you doing now? Do you feel any better? Let us hear from you. sofi’s experts are here to help. Cheers :blush: