Got my surprise!

I got my surprise in the post today. Pixie cat is obsessed with the smell of the bag for some reason, I’ve had to take it off her to stop her slobbering all over it :joy:
She’s definitely not one that has trouble sleeping :wink:


What a beauty!! So pleased the sofi surprise made its way to you and that you are going to be part of the next wave to receive the new kits @lcnicholls … adding @alexwalkerjones here! :pray: Ps love another shot if you manage to get a picture of your sofj surprise in the palm of your hand … we are making a massive collage of all the hands that we have sent a sofi pod to! Of course we can also include the picture with the four legged friend! :slightly_smiling_face: ps … wait to see how valrian impacts this beautiful creature … they go crazy drunk for it!


Such a cute kitty! :heart_eyes_cat:


Hi @lcnicholls - welcome to the treehouse! - and loving the photo of your gorgeous little one! :love_letter: :blush:

As we’ve recently moved over to new systems via the app, the next step is to upload an image of your pebble directly there… You can do this by tapping the compass icon along the bottom of your app, and navigating to your journey map. There’ll you’ll find a white icon (bag with a moon), and by clicking there the screen with your photo upload button should appear.

Once uploaded and confirmed by a member of our team, your Pioneer pack is reserved for our upcoming waves. Keep up the excellent journaling work in the meantime and should you have any questions, we are here anytime! xx