Have I missed something πŸ˜•

Iv Just received a email saying im not yet signed up,but am on day 9 of baseline just wondering if I have done something wrong or left something out?

Can anyone help?
Have a good rest of the day and hopefully a good sleep tonight :sleeping:


Hi @malone.shelley! Welcome to the treehouse and thank you for reaching out. I looked into this for you personally, and please rest assured that you’re doing everything right.

We have you in our system with 9 days total of journaling (and congratulations as of tomorrow on the completion of your baseline) :slight_smile:

It appears that a problem with our code means that you received a follow-up email when you shouldn’t have, so please accept our apologies for the confusion and our thanks for helping us figure this out and prevent it happening again!

Of course, let me know if you have any other questions along your journey with sofi! There will be a small surprise headed your way to help us verify your address once you’ve officially completed your baseline.

Kind regards,

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