Update please , is the next wave still on the horizon?

Hi Sofi, I’ve been journaling fir a few months now but I’ve been getting more sporadic as time goes by. Should I still journal? Is there any update on the next wave on the program? I’m really keen to try something new as my sleep is very poor…


Hi @rich! Thank you for checking in and our apologies for being so quiet on the treehouse front! We are all hands on deck preparing for the launch of Ashwaganda which will indeed be shipping out to all active pioneers just next month!

Between now and the launch (mid-March) it’s the most crucial time to journal regularly so that sofi may get a good picture of your mood and sleep right before you begin your journey with the plants (and the latest build of our sofi stick).

Keep up the excellent work - we are absolutely thrilled to have you onboard and can’t wait to get some plant pods into your hands :smiling_face::raised_hands:t2:


Hi Rich, the team will be back on Monday, but yes do keep journalling and try to achieve a steady habit for this. From what i have read consistent journalling is very important so good to get into the habit for that. Maybe set an alarm to remind you? - i did that at first then after a while it became second nature and i have had a high score for a good while now.
I think that sporadic journalling makes it much harder for sofi to detect any changes in your sleep patterns and so also would be less useful for you.

Alex did update the progress on S3 about 13 days ago - there is a thread on that not far below this one.

All the best and keep logging your sleep :zzz: :slightly_smiling_face:


Alex has responded while i was typing the above!


Thank you @drmudlark :blush: :heart:

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Wow thanks for the quick response.

Yes I will make sure to improve my consistency of journaling.

Thanks for all your efforts with this worthwhile cause and really excited to try out teh plant medicines.

Best wishes



Thanks for advice I will make sure my journaling is much more consistent… :slightly_smiling_face: