No pioneer box recieved

Hi all,

I dont seem to have recieved any pods. Been journalling for a couple of months and nothing. I received a rock in a sofi bag but nothing else. Any help would be appreciated


Hi, That is quite normal.
This is still a trial in which much has to be done to get and extract the herb, process it, and get it ready for distibution, not to mention improvements with the pod and app.

I have read that September is the likely time that the next batch (Chamomile) will be ready to go out.
On this free trial all pioneers need to be a bit patient, but things are happening faster than they did in the early days when many pioneers had to wait 6-8 months for their first sprays.

There are many answers in more detail to very similar questions over the last month in the Treehouse. You can search for what you are interested in. :slightly_smiling_face: