Help cope with anxiety

I had anxiety years ago, and have not had it for a long time. I felt extremely scared for about 5 minutes then it would go away so i never did anything about it as knew what it was so simply stopped happening. Now years later im getting something different, sweety hands , diarrhoea, soar throat, extreme spacey head that feels like it will collapse in on itself, headaches an little anxiousness. Been to hospital a an doctors but they never help. They seem to think it is anxiety again. But this is a totally different feeling and has lasted for about 7 months now… i feel like im here but not. Feels like im not seeing throw eyes, more like im seeing through back of mind , (lack kf sleep type of feeling that never ends but can see) then every now an then, i get the big feeling that my mind will collapse on itself an feel dizzy and cant breath very well…is this anxiety??? As i said, ive had it before in the past, and was nothing like this, it was scary an went away after a few minutes


Hello @Titan and welcome to the treehouse.

Of course we can’t give you a diagnosis here, but what I can say is that I have seen many people over the years in my clinic who describe very full on symptoms that do, indeed turn out to be as a result of anxiety. So in answer to your question, yes it is possible. What we can’t say is whether it’s what is happening for you. While you are unsure it is important to continue to report what is happening to your doctor so that they can decide whether further tests are needed and what treatment is appropriate for you.

Meanwhile we hope you’ll feel welcome in our community and perhaps you may find a reduction in any anxiety you do have once you try a sofi pod.

Journalling regularly in the app to set your starting data will help to show up whether the plant we are working with is able to help - and with that information you might be able to figure out whether part of what you are experiencing is due to anxiety.

I hope that is helpful and look forward to seeing how you get on :herb: