Sleeplessness 😴

Sorry i havent been using my journal so much. With nitnsleeping at allnvery well i just firget to come onto sofi and update :roll_eyes:…talk about brain fog. Ttying all different things from breathing exercises to herbal tea’s but nothing sems to be able to rest me. Can not wait to get my sofi stick and pods… prey these are going to help with my sleep :crossed_fingers: i do go away friday on holiday so maybe that may help a little, lets see.


Awhhh @kburley00 im so sorry to hear that an i thought i was bad im getting some sort off sleep but feeling completely miserable anxious sad alone down irritated frustrated very tired no energy no motivation nothin im feeling more an more lost each an every day… I hope ur ok jus know we r all here for u anytime u need someone :heartbeat: :heartpulse: :sparkling_heart: :blue_heart::purple_heart::revolving_hearts: