How is everyone today and what is everyone up to?

Hi pioneers fam,

How are you all doing today? What you all doing nice?

It’s like almost 9:30am (UK time) and just sitting having a coffee with cinnamon :ok_hand:t3:and just reflecting on my busy life. I’m hoping you reading this are having a fab day, hope you’ve had a good nights rest too and get to relax today! I’ve got housework to do and washing to go out seeing as it’s lovely and warm in the uk atm and fetch my little one from nursery before lunch so haven’t got king to get stuff done so wish me luck :four_leaf_clover:

Anyways sending love :two_hearts: Peace :v:t3::peace_symbol: and Positive energy :zap:your way

Sara xxxx


Sending positive thoughts back at you… i work nights an have not gone to sleep yet, i left work early as head was all messed up, but was totally fine when got in… first time anxiety has worked in my favour lol, leaving work early :upside_down_face:… hope you have a good day


Thank you and pretty much yes, just take time to practise breathing techniques to help you, my hubby has anxiety too and it’s good to do them. Have you had your pod yet? Plants are quite beneficial for us so I’m looking forward to receiving mine.

Have a good day :v:t3:

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No not yet…i just finished day 10 Journal a few mins ago. No idea how long i have to wait to recive it…i dont even have the little stone present yet lol… hope i get the pod soon as i want to see if it helps me… my anxiety is not a scary one, is more of a major headache :tired_face: with other symptoms. So need it gone . Had this bad head for 7 months non stop,an gets really bad from time to time. Please say when you recive yours an let me know if it helps you. :roll_eyes:. Ill try get some sleep. Stay positive :sparkles:


You shall receive the pebble after your 10 day trial,? just keep journaling and it will say when they send out a little surprise and when you do take a photo of the pebble in your hand and post it on the app then they start to send out your pioneer packs which I’m now waiting on mine. The first trial is to understand your needs better so they can pick out what plant sprays you will need. Hope your anxiety erases for you, headaches are horrible best of times but slee should help if you can get some shut eye, do you meditate? I find it so relaxing and calming, it’s slightly unreal when you get into properly you feel floaty but does so good for you.

I will keep you posted when my pack comes and how it works for me but yours will be different for you. Just keep journaling everyday and how many times a a day (I do about 3/4 depending how I feel if my mood changes etc) but good luck.

Love, Peace and positive energy :v:t3: