Regarding getting baseline journaling

I want to undestand how to do the baseline journaling better and get my baseline turned in, however it does not offer choices as to how I am feeling.

The choices are not anything I am feeling, or are too generic, so I don’t know what I am supposed to check…I am not feeling tired or refreshed, not feeling happy or sad, not feeling annoyed, anxious, confident or excited. These seem like limited either/or responses, and I am just feeling blah, middle of the road. There doesn’t seem to be any sort of neutral response to give, nor any space to type in “Other” feelings. So I am forced to just pick one feeling from selections I am given when none of them match. So all I have been choosing is annoyed, because I don’t fit any of the other catagories…and I have become annoyed by that, so I dont know what else to pick.

Please make more options, or have a an “other” space to let us write in our feeling and also maybe offer a neutral choice.

I think it would make it eaiser for people to fill out the baseline more accurately as to what we are actually feeling rather than being forcwd to choose between limited options of feelings we might not be having.

So until that is done, if I am just neutral and not feeling any of these things, then how should I be replying and filling out the daily journal to set baseline? Because I want to get it turned in to be in on the first shipments, but I dont seem to match the options. Because if a formula is to be made up for me based on what I am feeling and going through and none of these things match, then how can you make something up for me? Help me to establish the baseline correctly pleaee?



There have been similar comments on this a while back. Am sharing with you here what I could find. Even though that doesn’t address the actual issue you are highlighting it is just to show that the team will be taking this up eventually.


We are working on something which I suspect you will love when it comes out in about four weeks … the digital product team is turning their attention to it as soon as we address some of the immediate fires @Commodore_UAlladore … but we are thinking in parallel lines! Our plan is to preview more of this in three weeks and to have Pioneers testing it within four weeks … stay tuned and super grateful for the feedback and comments! I must try to get some rest now as back up in 4.5 hrs … :pray:


Really appreciative of your time and feedback Rasha, and others have certainly felt the same way! Excitingly, once your sofi stick does arrive, more journaling options open up to you that include the space you mentioned to write more detailed reviews of your sleep and mood. This, paired with your consistant engagement over time, should be plenty to counterbalance any mood data that you feeling is inaccurate now due to the more general mood options.

I hope that helps and keep up the excellent work! x