Hypnagogic Hallucinations while falling asleep

Have you ever woken up just before falling asleep with the sensation of having heard a sound? Or seen something or of a fall? I read some articles since at least once a week I’m woken up by voices sounds or even screams in a quiet room. It can be terrifying and create sleep anxiety. Have you ever experienced something like that? And would sofi’s formulation help with what’s scientifically known as Hypnagogic Hallucinations?


This happens to me all the time it’s like I’m in another dimension

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This happens to me a lot. Usually I hear the doorbell or knocking but the other night I heard a man (who I thought was my late husband) say “hey” - each time I hear these things I believe I’m awake and not actually falling asleep. I (seemingly) awaken extremely anxious to unusual, unexplained sounds as well - like phones ringing when I don’t have a landline and my cell is off and to sounds of glass breaking… I have also had them where I think I’m awake and feel someone physically touch me or see scary shit… I was told by a pharmacist in a chronic pain program that it was common from cortisol levels dropping to awaken suddenly and hallucinate and that “the witching hour” was actually hallucinations by people who had underlying diabetes. Her suggestion was to eat a small turkey sandwich just before sleeping… I tried that for a while and it seemed to help but gave me other issues… I would love it if the sofi stick were to help alleviate at least the panic felt from these.


It’s comforting to hear your experiences. Thank you for sharing. :heart:
It’s hard to explain to someone who’s never experienced that. At some point I thought I was going mad until I read about it and how common it is. My last episode was maybe a week ago. I heard a very loud knock on my dresser. That kept me awake for hours nearly as if I was scared of falling asleep again. I often hear voices too. It’s unsettling but I read that it’s related to how tired you are and the quality of the sleep you’re getting, so I’m hopeful for the sofi spray to help with that too.


I fell asleep on the sofa once and kicked my partner really hard. Because I taught I fell of a mountain 🤦🤦 I didn’t even fall of anything :rofl:


Yeah, I often fall off kerbs or trip. I hear my daughter shout and someone knock loudly at the door and bolt awake. I used to have paralysis sometimes when I woke. I would try n turn over but it was like I was being pinned down. Luckily I haven’t had that for years.
I frequently wake up with internal tremors and have the weirdest feeling and feel quite disoriented. That mostly happens after a power nap.
And I used to sleep walk but luckily that hasn’t happened in years neither. :joy: