New to sofi hope it works

Hope this works tried everything . Ive had trouble sleeping for many years


I wish you the very best and hope that you receive the same results from the Sofi pioneer program that so many people who have shown that the commitment they put in to the study the more they get back from Sofi.
Welcome to the pioneers community and what I think is the best most responsive natural approach to dealing with sleep problems and anxiety disorders ever developed.
The Sofi team members are superb, no question to big or small and if on the rare occasion they cannot answer immediately you don’t get a half hearted answer, they all ALWAYS take the time to research and respond promptly and accurately.
Good to have you in the treehouse, welcome :heart:


It’s a pleasure to have you here with on this incredible journey @Jlwkiss, and super excited to see how you get along with our power plants and how can enhance and nudge how you feel hopefully towards better sleep and more calm. Amongst all the things that makes sofi special you are now engaged with perhaps the most incredible and significant part of our sofi - this community and the folks, the pioneers who are not only helping us make our sofi better but importantly helping each other on their respective paths … so welcome on board Jane :pray: