I see some have atarted on S2

This is exciting
So have had green and blue sprays - completed -.had a few wifi glitches - and as a moron when it comes to technology- it actually worked itself out quickly (delete all and retry :rofl::joy:
Slept like a baby - few night sweats- less teeth grinding which in turn left without jaw sore OR headache from constantly grinding knashers
So i THANK YOU SOFI … all of YOU working on this for us x
No onto the punk one and the last - hhhmmm does NOT seem to be doing as much as the first two and the taste is very mild too! :woman_shrugging:
Or am i completely wrong?
And… seems i have gone off the grid AGAIN… will look at battery :innocent:


Hi @natascha_mani, the formulation strengths and dosage of valerian in each plant pod are exactly the same with the only difference being flavouring! You are not alone though, and we’ve had some fascinating reports of Pioneer response varying significantly between the pods… have a look!