I wish i could get a whole night sleep

I wish i could get a full night sleep in stead of 3 ro 4 hours i have tryed over the counter sleeping tabs and the bath salts and bubble baths and lavender this and that. I have tryed hot baths befor bed and i have tryed herbal teas. Im peri menopausal and on HRT patches


When do i get my free trile pack and my pod


It’s great to have you here @Charmain21, and fingers crossed sofi can help to nudge you towards better sleep and fewer wakeups!

Here’s how you can reserve your Pioneer Pack and receive it when we launch our next plant:

Once your “baseline” of 10 days of journaling with the app is complete (step 1!), the next step is to confirm your address and receive a small surprise from us to confirm that your Pioneer Pack (containing your sofi pod and plant formulations) will make it to you - wherever in the world that might be!

Once you’ve received your surprise, we ask you to upload an image of it via the app, and follow the final steps there, so that your Pioneer Pack can be officially reserved under your name and shipped to you following the next production wave.

I hope that helps and keep up the good journaling work! We’re so excited to have you onboard and can’t wait to get some of our plant-pod formulations into your hands.

For all steps, please refer to the next milestone highlighted on your Pioneer Journey map which you can find by tapping the compass icon :slight_smile:

I am here anytime should you have any questions!

Kind regards,