Sleeping and is this free?

Thanks a think a filled it all in ok do you just wait to se if tou get the product am,lucky if a skeep 3 hours and most of that us trying to get to sleep had all the pills for rhe doctors usless a thought this sounds good a would try to se if a can,get a fre sample hopes so :grinning:


Hi @Alanalado123 - welcome to sofi and to our community “treehouse” as we affectionately call it! :sofi_moon:

Have you managed to install and create an account in the sofi app okay? In order to join the queue and reserve a Pioneer Pack under your name, the first step is to complete 10 days of “baseline” journaling (in the app). This allows sofi to get an understanding of your current mood and sleep in order to later make some awesome discoveries with the plants!

We’re so excited to have you onboard and can’t wait to get some of our plant-pod formulations into your hands.

For all steps, please refer to the next milestone highlighted on your Pioneer Journey map which you can find by tapping the compass icon :blush:

I am also here anytime should you have any questions!